What I'm About...

      Alright guys, hear me out! My name is Kayla Rose. Fitness and healthy living is my passion! Fitness is a for profit industry; Most people in this industry just want you to buy their product, I am here to bust the lock off that and just show you! I have created this website, as a non-profit site, merely so I can help others also succeed in living a healthy, happy, and positive life! 

      It is my firm belief that fitness is the best preventative medicine! Not that I am saying in any way that I don't also believe in western medicine, in fact, I believe in both Eastern and Western philosophy and medicine. I think they go hand in hand and are both beneficial!

      Anyway, the message I am trying to get across to the public is that no matter where you are in your life, no matter how old you are, the right path will always be one step away, no matter what trail you're already on. Every journey, whether it is one mile or a thousand, it all begins with one step! The moment you step onto the right path, all you have to do is keep on stepping without turning back to your old ways. I am here to help you with taking these baby steps, or for those who have already been on a great path, I want to help you progress even more! We are students until the day we die, there are always new things to learn! 

      I will show you the tools to get the body that you desire, not the body society, or others, desire for you.

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